For better hair, go on a hair product diet.

You know how we could be eating too much food? Or taking in more than necessary information? It’s the same way we could be feeding our hair with too much hair products. Whenever you use a new product,

Let’s get sentimental

Even as a child, I had always been a “hair person” if you could call it that. Not that I did anything special but my love for good hair was beyond this world. I admired good hair when I saw one and wished mine was that good. Trust me, I did a lot of wishing….

Winter is coming

“Winter is coming.” That phrase means as much to Game of thrones fans as it means to “nice hair-do” lovers. With the harshness of the season comes the need to protect our hair from hair loss. What better way to do that than a full on weave. So here I put together 7 major suggestions…