Winter is coming

“Winter is coming.” That phrase means as much to Game of thrones fans as it means to “nice hair-do” lovers. With the harshness of the season comes the need to protect our hair from hair loss. What better way to do that than a full on weave.

So here I put together 7 major suggestions you could rock this winter



Afro is one of the oldest yet evergreen style of all times and there is a whole lot of designs for the 21st century. It totally brings out your eyes and it’s good for taking years off plus your hair is protected.


If you want to keep it simple and easy to maintain while still looking classy, then cute little hair could just be what you are looking for. Not to mention it lets you keep your ‘you’ look and highlight your cheek bone. You can be really daring and go all red, maroon, purple or even blonde to pull the vixen look


You want that celebrity/Hollywood look this winter? Then long and curly is the best shot you’ve got.


Have you always kept it simple? You should try out these ultra voluminous hair, they give your look the “wow” factor

You want to look chic trendy like a power-wielding lady? Then you should probably rock chic styles in all its forms. Short, long, wavy or straight.


These are my favourites. The way they look natural yet unnatural just appeals to me and I couldn’t just not add them to my list.


Oh ye braids lovers!! Winter doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up braids, it only means you do it in a different way. Crotchet braids are perfect for this season. With crotchet you can rock any hairstyle you want and still protect your hair.


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