It is no news that getting the perfect hair-do could be really tedious. From finding the styles that look just perfect, to finding the time to  actually buy those styles, purchasing quality products at the best prices, finding the right stylist for that particular style, it is usually more stress than it’s worth. So, most of the time we get the first thing within our reach. As stressful as it gets though, the need to look good cannot be over-emphasised. How we look is not only important to how we’ll be addressed, it is an integral part of how we feel.



myHairdate is a platform dedicated to making every one of your hair experience a date. We aim at increasing the chances of accessing quality and cheap hair products and solving all your hair challenges in one fun and easy package. All your hair needs in one place.


  • We make all hairstyles and hair products options available to customers
  • We avail hair products at their best prices
  • We keep clients up to date with trending styles as well as ongoing offers and discounts
  • We are a platform that connects hair stylists to  potential customers
  • We create a broader scope of market for hair entrepreneurs
  • We create a forum for discussion on various hair topics
  • We offer our clients one on one hair solutions

WHY myHAIRdate

  • You can access all your hair needs in one sitting
  • Lots of styles, stylists and products to choose from
  • Unlimited offers and major discounts
  • Genuine information, updates and opinions of other users at your fingertips
  • And you get to have a fun ride.